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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Design: 5 out of 5
Features: 5 out of 5
Performance: 5 out of 5
Value for Money: 5 out of 5

This is the Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker, which has an excellent sound quality and some brilliant features. Including a built in power bank, Bluetooth and NFC capabilities and much more.


The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker has a simple, but stylish design. Which would look great in any home. You can choose from four different colours including; Black, Blue, Navy and Red. So there should be a colour to suit everyone’s needs. The overall build quality is exceptional, as this speaker feels very high quality and well made. It feels like it could withstand a good few knocks and drops. The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker is also fairly small and compact. To give you an idea to how small this speaker, it’s about the same size as an average size hand. Meaning you should have absolutely no problems finding space for this speaker in your home. The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker is quite heavy. However this is due to the built in power bank. On the side of the speaker, you will find 3 multi-functional buttons. Including the volume up (doubles up as next track button), volume down (doubles up as a previous track) and a play/pause/answer call button.


The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker also has a built in 3600mAh power bank. So you can charge your smartphone at the same time as listening to music. The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker also has a very simple pairing process. You can connect to this speaker by either Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) or you can plug your device into the 3.5mm audio port. To connect to this speaker by Bluetooth, simply turn the speaker on by the power switch and it should automatically go into pairing mode. You will know this speaker is in pairing mode, as the small Blue LED light on the side will flash. Then on your compatible Bluetooth device, search for this speaker in your Bluetooth settings. Once you select the Stoga Usuper BT003, your devices should automatically pair together in a matter of seconds. Connecting to NFC is equally as easy to do, simply turn the speaker on and then just hold your device over the “NFC” logo and they should automatically pair together. It’s also worth mentioning that after you’ve paired this speaker with your device once. It will remember that device and automatically pair with it every time you turn the speaker on. If your device does not have Bluetooth or NFC built-in, then you can still use this speaker. Just simply plug in the included 3.5mm audio cable into your devices; it’s as simple as that. You can also take hands-free calls on this speaker, as there is a built in microphone. To answer or end incoming calls, just simply press the multifunctional button on the side of the speaker.


The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker arrived very well packaged, and everything included inside the box seems very high quality. In the box, you get the Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker, a micro-USB cable for charging, a AUX-in Cable (for wired connectivity), Metal Hook Loop and a instruction manual. The included instruction manual is very well written, and includes all the necessary information. The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker should be able to connect to any Bluetooth or NFC-compatible device very quickly. We tested this speaker to our iPhone 5s and iPad mini for Bluetooth. And both of these devices found this speaker straight away, and connected without any issues. We also tested the NFC on this speaker with a Sony Xperia Z. Again the Sony Xperia Z had absolutely no problems connecting to this speaker. The sound quality is brilliant on this speaker. As it delivers a very clear, well balanced sound with a very good bass and treble. It should be able to please most music lovers. In addition, this speaker can go reasonably loud, and should be able to fill a small to medium sized room full of music. The Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker also can charge your smartphone as well, and this works very well. The Bluetooth range is also brilliant. As you can move your device up to 10 metres away from your speaker, and it should not lose connection.


Overall we were very impressed with the Stoga Usuper BT003 Bluetooth Speaker, and would highly recommend it to anyone. As this Bluetooth speaker is very well designed, easy to use and produces a great sound quality, all for an affordable price. Click here to buy from Amazon


  • Stylish and neat design
  • Well built and strong
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Bluetooth, NFC compatible and wired connectivity
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Good wireless range, stable connection
  • Hands-free calls
  • Great sound when paired with any device
  • Pairing the device is quick and easy
  • Can charge your smartphone as well


  • No carry case included
  • Heavy


  • Waterproof, dustproof, Anti-scratch, Shockproof, high temperature resistant Speaker
  • Stylish and exquisite appearance, which is convenient to carry
  • Built in microphone allows you to answer calls while listening to music
  • The item can be use as a 3600mAh power bank, which can charge your phone or other device in emergency


Brand: Stoga

Model: Usuper BT003

Type: Speaker/ Power bank

Bluetooth Resolution: CSR 4.0

Water resistance: IPX4

Output Power: 5Wx2

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz

Battery Li-ion: 3.7V

Battery Capacity: 3600mAh

Dimensions: 66mm x66mm x 170mm(L x W x H)

Power lndicator Light: Blue lights.

Range: up to 10 metres open field.


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